Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil

Basically I am going to review what happened in the world of Omega 3 fatty acids during what I call the “resolution zone” which is November 26-February 14,2014.

This is the time when most people try to get avoid or later get rid of their winter weight, start new exersise program and generally attack the Holiday Season (which usually fails) and then new year with some real verve.

I know fish oil can help you!

Here are some examples of what has been in the new slate:

  1. Fish oils slows telomere length. In a population of people who already had heart disease, people who took fish oil had longer telomeres. Telomeres, just in case you have forgotten, are the biologic time clocks that determine how long your cells (and YOu!) live and how healthy as well. The higher the fish oil level in these people, the longer their telomeres.
  2. Fish oil helps diabetecs. It lowers tryglecerides which are usually way too high in people with sugar problems becasue they have a backup in processing them. As a result they get stored in the liver and we now have epidemic of “non-alchoholic liver disease” which, simply put, aint a good thing to have!
  3. Fish Oil redices the Alzheimer’s plagues early in the disease before they cause pathology.
  4. Fish Oil improves test scores in college age students.

This is just a smatting of the benefits and represents about 4 weeks in the world of science.

If you are not on Fish Oil yet, there is no reason on earth not to START RIGHT NOW!

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